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Did you know?

In local communities across Texas, the chamber of commerce goes about its work each day serving business and the community at large. Many citizens know the local chamber organization as the entity that cuts the ribbon of the new business in town or the group that holds the shovels in the photo with the Mayor for the groundbreaking of a new business expansion or development. Some may know the chamber as the volunteers that coordinate a local festival or parade that celebrates the season and good times for all.

What many do not know is the unseen work of the local chamber. Chambers of Commerce in Texas reach virtually every corner of every community. In the moments when no one is watching, these professionals and volunteer leaders are working in the service of business to create an environment of prosperity and a place that people love to call home. To ensure all people have a chance at the American dream, chamber professionals work with the education system to create scholars and eventually highly-skilled, qualified workers to serve businesses in the community. From pre-kindergarten through advanced degrees, chambers are working for opportunity for all. Some chambers operate programs teaching entrepreneurship to young people who will eventually begin their own ventures and grow the local economy.

Chambers are advocates locally, statewide and federally to ensure that their community receives projects, funding, and completion of necessary road enhancements, improvements and mobility. They are working with lawmakers to create structure where citizens can thrive. They are also fighting to maintain a regulatory system that allows business to thrive and the local economy to grow with a watchful eye on public safety and the consideration of all people.

In times of disaster, chambers are quite often ground zero for getting the message out and services to businesses to assist them with rebuilding, reopening their doors and working through a difficult time. In these times, the chamber is also working with (sometimes coordinating efforts) of other organizations to guarantee that citizens have access to the resources and information they need to return to everyday life.

These organizations are in the arena looking out for all people. Whether it is healthcare or a new turn signal, early childhood education or the development of a new business, connecting people to grow opportunity or attracting and assisting visitors to the community in navigating and engaging with local businesses and attractions the chamber is there working, connecting, advocating and serving.

Let’s celebrate community collaboration in Palestine and help us build our resources.